Similar to pay-as-you-go phones, prepaid meters allow tenants or residents to pay for their utilities in advance and monitor their usage. Helping property owners and tenants manage their utility bills more efficiently and reduces the risk of unpaid or unexpected bills.


Utility Systems Wall Mounted Prepaid Water Meter

The Utility Systems Wall Mounted Water Meter is a rotary piston type water meter with a sealed wet dial counter. This meter is used for measuring cold water consumption in domestic and small commercial buildings.

Laison STS Prepaid Water Meter

The Laison STS water meter consists of a water meter and a CIU (Customer Interface Unit). The Water Meter can communicate with CIU conveniently to receive remote meter recharge.

Kamstrup WMC21 MBUS Hot & Cold

The Kamstrup / Flecto Sense water meter is ultrasonic and optimised for residential use. The meter has no moving parts and maintains a high and stable accuracy throughout its lifetime. The meter comes with built-in communication and the remote reading is handled easily through either a drive by solution or a fixed network.

Flecto Sense Mini Concentrator

The Flecto Sense Mini Concentrator is a solution that is provided to get your Smart Meter Readings timeously and conveniently. It is very portable, since it accepts power from two types of sources – USB or power jack.

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