Similar to pay-as-you-go phones, prepaid meters allow tenants or residents to pay for their utilities in advance and monitor their usage. Helping property owners and tenants manage their utility bills more efficiently and reduces the risk of unpaid or unexpected bills.


Hexing Single Phase

The Hexing Single Phase Prepaid is a STS prepayment residential meter with an integrated keypad.

Conlog BEC21

The Conlog BEC21 is a single phase prepayment meter. The meter can be used as a secure way of managing electricity consumption in residential properties. The meter has an integrated keypad with a large LCD display.

Elster A130PS-P with PLC CIU

The AS130PS-P is a single phase Non-Smart STS prepaid meter with a DIN-Rail mounting. The meter communicates with a PLC Customer Interface Unit.

Elster A1700

The Elster A1700 three phase meter is a 4 wire, postpaid meter that works with an external modem and external antenna to transmit data to the smart dashboard. The meter is used as a monitoring device to monitor Active Energy (kWh), Apparent Energy (kVAh) and Reactive Energy (kvarh).

Inhemeter Single Phase Din Rail

The Inhemeter single phase din rail meter is a 2 wire, prepaid electricity meter compliant with STS. The Din Rail / Split Meter Split has PLC communication, which could comprise AMI/AMR system by additionally configuring proper concentrator to realise centralised reading, remote recharge, remote connection/ disconnection etc.

Inhemeter SMART GPRS/PLC Single Phase

Inhemeter Single Phase GPRS/PLC Meter is a 2 wire meter, with an optional plug-in Communication Module. 20-digit STS tokens can be entered into the meter via the integrated keypad. This meter is a Smart prepaid meter.

Landis & Gyr Single Phase Split Meter

The Landis & Gyr single phase split meter in a 2-wire, direct connect prepaid meter with a DIN-Rail mounting. It has a compact meter design for high density stacking. The user interface unit is installed in the unit in a convenient location.

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