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Tried, tested and effective solutions for managing the everyday admin of your property utilities.

With our collective property investment experience at SAPIN-Prepaid, we provide both the hardware and the personal support when it comes to installing prepaid meters on your properties. Our prepaid meters assist you, as the landlord, with controlling and regulating the usage of both the water and electricity on your properties. Admin free recovery from your tenants, where they pay for what they use. 


Psychologically tenants tend to care more when they are paying upfront for their utilities. Which means tenants report leaks and wastage quickly, instead of you finding out the hard way – with an expensive bill at the end of the month. 


Your tenants have access to multiple payment platforms for purchasing tokens and can easily load their meters themselves. Removing all the admin of having to fight to collect money at the end of every month.


You, and your tenants, have personal access to a user-friendly meter app that guarantees efficient purchasing of tokens for both water and electricity.
You are assisted with a dedicated call centre team, 7 days a week. No need for you to receive unnecessary calls from your tenants.
You receive hands on service and training, making life easier for you and your tenants.
You get a system that allows you to effectively recover your costs when it comes to your property’s utilities.
Your tenants get access to simple solutions for purchasing water and electricity tokens, including a mobile app, debit orders, EFT, Zapper, credit cards, retail outlets and banking apps.
You get access to a mobile app that gives you live data and history of your tenants’ prepaid purchases.
Your tenants take control of their water and electricity consumption.
Your tenants become more conscientious of their consumption and report water leaks immediately. Especially important in areas with water restrictions and penalty tariffs.
For properties with more than 20 tenants: SMART split meters allow you to manage both water and electricity on your mobile device.

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